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How You can become a Magento Partner Program-Sharing Ideas, Opportunities and Ultimately Success

The reports show that on an annual basis, merchants trade values of more than $50 billion via the Magento Platform. The Magento program is actually one program that actually puts the total power of the program’s system behind the partners and as such has quite helped it manage so much of the success it so prides itself in. So as to enable the program actually be in conformity with their partners’ business goals and resources, you will find a number of ways by which to partner and gain the much desired exposure. Here are some of the alternative ways through which you can be a Magento Partner-A Solution Partner or a Technology Partner. We are going to see below some of the details in how to manage to become a Magento Extensions Partner in either of these two ways,

Here is what it takes on how to become a Magento Solutions Partner. The one thing about the Magento Solutions Partnerships is that it is one of the partnership solutions for ecommerce business which is reckoned for the successful pushing of the successful growth of brands all over the globe, and even for the retailers. The truth behind Magento Solutions partnerships is that it is going to get you a maximum of the benefits of the power of the entire Magento community which will really prove a great tool for the success of the whole partnership program. Next we are going to see all there may be to know about being a Magento Technology Partner.

The number one fact that is fitting for a recognition is that a good number of the technology companies all over the world do in actual sense partner with Magento. These are from the new and the old, small and big and whatever kind of the tech companies all have a common denominator-that of pairing with the Magento. The technology partners are actually the third party software companies who mainly partner to offer software to extend the functionalities and capabilities of the Magento merchants. Basically, the Magento Extension Builder Partners will build and develop the extensions that will serve a great role in the boosting of the features and capabilities of the program and as well enable integrations to them. Basically, there are a number of the things that one may be called on to ensure that they become effective Magento partners in the Technology Partnerships and these will include the need to have an existing Magento extension and as well have passed a review by the team set for this, a process which applies for being a partner both for the regular, Select or Premier categories of partnerships under the Technology partnership alternatives. The good news for the hosting and performance companies is however that they will of course be spared of the need to have an existing extension to qualify and as such they can rather have their submissions for such interest to become partners to an address directly.

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